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The Life and Times of Jesse Confined

A Man Under House Arrest

1 January
External Services:
  • jesseconfined@livejournal.com
I'm under house arrest in Indiana, USA. The internet is my only way of talking to people.
You can often find me broadcasting live on Justin.TV:
http://www.justin.tv/jesse411/profile (is my profile there)
FAQ: (To answer some of the serious, and not so serious questions i've received)
- What am I under House Arrest for? - I was first of all caught driving without insurance & banned for a year. I stupidly kept driving to work, and got caught another six times. The last time, it mounted up as a serious felony, and I got given 4 years in Jail, which i appealed to 2 years House arrest. I'm currently saving for a lawyer to appeal that I can go to work Monday to Friday while still under house arrest, in order to support my two children as my ex can't even though she has custody as a mother. I get them both three days a week to stay over though ;)
- What do you do? - I remove industrial asbestos for a living
- Why am I here? - well, as you can imagine, being under house arrest isn't exactly very stimulating. I want to meet new people, and the internet has opened this up to me. I've met a lot of very cool friends via social networking sites, and I would like to meet more here on Livejournal
- Are you sorry for for what you have done? - Yes I am. I was stupid, but needed to work, and had no way of getting there without driving. it doesn't excuse it though. My ex wife is an alcoholoic and I needed to provide for my children
- Was I DUI? - No. I have never drank and driven. I havent drank for 8 years
- Do I wear a tag? - Yes, I have a gps ankle tag, attached 24/7
- Did i kill anybody? - No
- Am I gay? - No
- Am I a pedo? - No. I have a 3 year old son and a 15 year old daughter. I am only here to make friends! (This is thanks to a 'Christian' who warned me off talking to any females, because i'm a 'felon'!?!
- Am I the Wrestler Mick Foley? - No sorry, i'm a bit slimmer & I have my own teeth lol!
- Do I work for the CIA? - No. WTF? Seriously. Do I look like I work for the CIA? Lol!
- Am I member of a Biker Gang? - No. I was in a Chapter when I was younger, but I have been a christian for the past 8 years